Chocolate Clan Labradors

To know one is to love one

Home of the Chocolate Clan

Our goal is to ensure the health and well being of our labrador retrievers.  We strive to ensure these dogs are physically sound and have good temperments for family pets and hunting companions.

We are located in Lacombe Alberta Canada


Our 2021 Litter.  The litter arrived May 1. 7 girls and 2 boys. Good job Hope for whelping such a big healthy litter. At this time all pups from the litter have been spoken for. See Puppy pages , blog  and pictures for more information.

WEBS our hosting platform is being moved to VISTA Print.  We ran out of room to post new pictures. We are in the process of updating our website. We want to be ready to post the 2021 Litter information. Also as the hosting platform changes there may be some disruptions over this period.  Please bear with us as we do these updates. As well Vista may no longer support members, so that option may disappear. We are doing applications by email, so please contact us and we will get a notification.

Our 2019 Litter.  Sadly TUCKER from our 2019 litter was stolen and has not been returned. If you lose your pup please know you are not alone. Contact us.

We currently have three dogs, Maggie (10),  Hope (3) and Abbey (1).   

This site contains information on our Labrador Retrievers. The site also contains some general information on Labrador Retrievers. Browse around and if you have any questions submit them to us in "Contact Us".